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Newsletter (News from Around New England - VT)
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News from Around New England - Vermont

Vermont Funds FLEX "Mini-Grant" Applicants

The Vermont Office of Rural Health and Primary Care has awarded three grants to community rural hospitals in Vermont for activities related to EMS improvement, health networking and quality improvement.

A total of $38,500 will be granted to these hospitals from funding the Department receives from the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy. Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital (NVRH) in St. Johnsbury will receive a grant to help support the coordination of self-management programs in the NVRH service area by:

  • implementing the Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program;
  • increasing referrals to the NVRH Self-Management Education Programs, and
  • providing local healthcare professionals with the education, skills and information on the benefits of self-management they need to facilitate successful self-management with their patients.

These activities are in conjunction with the Vermont Blueprint for Health, a statewide initiative focused on chronic disease.

Otis Health Care Center in Townshend has been awarded a grant to facilitate reorganization of emergency medical services in their area. Otis Health Center will provide support to Rescue, Inc to: develop a strategic plan for EMS in the West River Valley; develop collaborative protocols between EMS and ER professionals and area volunteers and deliver a system of volunteer training.

Copley Hospital in Morrisville will receive a grant to provide training and certification for emergency medical service and hospital emergency department staff for the transfer of critical patients. Copley will contract with external Critical Care Emergency Medical Transportation Program (CCEMPT) instructors for an eleven day training program that will provide CCEMPT certification for participants.

Currently, no area EMS paramedics and few ED nurses have the needed training, which has resulted in only 50% of needed transports being provided by the hospital. This project will help alleviate that problem and will enhance better coordination of transports with regional EMS.

The Vermont Office of Rural Health and Primary Care provides mini grant awards annually to rural hospitals in Vermont as part of their mission to improve access to quality health cares services for rural Vermonters.
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