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5th Annual New England Rural Health RoundTable


October 23rd
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October 24th
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October 25th
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October 24, 2002
8:00 - 8:45 am Registration
Continental Breakfast
Welcome: Jeff Hanson, President,
New England Rural Health RoundTable
8:45 - 9:30 am Keynote:
Marcia Brand, Federal Office of Rural Health Policy,
Washington, DC
9:30 - 10:45 am State Policy and Legislative Panel
Representative From CT (to be announced)
Representative Shaun Kelly, MA
Representative Judith Peavey, ME
Senator Katherine Wheeler, NH
Representative Carolyn Partridge, VT (invited)

Legislators from the New England states will have a dialogue about oral health, addressing the following questions:

  • What are the dental access issues your state is facing?
  • What actions are being taken by your state to improve and strengthen the oral health of ruralcommunities?
  • What do we need to do politically, on a statewide or regional basis to address these issues?

10:45 - 11:00 am Break

11:00 - 12:00 State Caucuses

Attendees from each state to gather together to:

  • Identify issues and activities related to oral health in each state
  • Discuss the role of rural physician in oral health care
  • Discuss a plan for action, if appropriate
  • Identify other rural health priorities for the state
  • Select representation to the RoundTable Board of Directors

    Sponsored by the State Rural Development Councils of CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, & VT)

12:00 -
12:30 pm
Large Group Discussion/Reports from States
12:30 - 2:00 pm Lunch and Annual Meeting
THE ANNUAL MEETING of the New England Rural Health RoundTable will be held in conjunction with the Annual Conference. The Agenda at this meeting shall include:
Report from the President
Financial Reports
Election of the Board Members

(Each state will determine its own statewide election process, and the newly elected, statewide slate of Board members will be announced at the end of the Annual Meeting.)

2:15 - 3:30 Concurrent Workshops

A. Affordable Health Care Access and Financing

Murray Frank, Vice-Chair, Dukes County Health Council,
West Tisbury, MA
Cynthia Mitchell, Chair, Dukes County Health Council,
West Tisbury, MA
This panel will describe work taking place on Martha's Vineyard which will make quality health care accessible to all residents, particularly low income groups. The Dukes County Health Council has developed the Island Health Plan which focuses primarily on health insurance for those ineligible for Medicaid, but too poor for commercial insurance. The panel will describe the development process, share insights about its access/outreach program, as well as discuss data collection and analysis, the creation of a business plan, and designing and marketing
the product.

B. The Joshua Project: Pediatrician, Family, Community Collaboration in Action Fred Holmes, MD, FAAP, Senior and Managing Partner, Mousetrap Pediatrics, St. Albans, VT
Audra Lamothe, LPN, Parent Facilitator,
The Joshua Project, Swanton, VT
Mary Skidmore Taylor, MSW, LICSW, Director,
Whatever It Takes, Burlington, VT
This presentation will describe the evolution of the Joshua Project, which began with families communicating their very personal stories of living with a child with special health care needs, and became a collaborative force for community change. Members of the collaborative, including a physician, a parent leader and a social worker, will each share ³lessons learned² from his or her unique perspective. Session attendees will learn to develop greater appreciation for collaboration among clinicians, families and community professionals in rural areas and will gain knowledge of collaboration skills as they relate to developing & sustaining family leadership for community change.

C. Rural Hospitals: Striving for Perfection Lawrence D. Ramunno, MD, MPH, CDE,
Health Care Quality Improvement Director,
Northeast Health Care Quality Foundation, Dover, NH
The Northeast Health Care Quality Foundation is a federally designated Quality Improvement Organization for Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. The hospital alliance is a collaborative group of eleven rural hospitals in New England, whose representatives meet on a regular basis to address quality issues. This presentation is based on the rural hospital alliance¹s goal of attaining 100% on each of the quality indicators for Acute Myocardial Infarction and Heart Failure. The institutions in this alliance are not motivated by benchmarks to improve their performance, only in showing that their baseline measurement exceeds or is equal to that of state and national averages in each indicator.

D. Healthy Rural Communities: Moving Forward thru Collaboration Karen Travers, Vice President
BDMP/Westport, Augusta, ME
This presentation will focus on several models of collaboration with grant and funding strategies. Highlighted will be specific models such as Community Access Program initiatives, FQHC expansion, CAH collaboration with other entities, integration of rural health clinics into other networks and academic medical center collaborations. Participants will be able to identify several opportunities for collaborative relationships, identify options for financially supporting these relationships and demonstrate case studies to show local relevance of collaboration.

3:30 - 3:45 pm Break

3:45 - 5:00 pm Concurrent Workshops
E. Critical Access Hospitals in the Continuum of Care: The Mount Desert Island Hospital Experience Mark Brown, MD, Hospitalist,
Mount Desert Island, Bar Harbor, ME
Kathleen Kaplan, RN-C, Director of Care Management Program and Swing Bed Coordinator,
Mount Desert Island Hospital, Bar Harbor, ME
Katherine Olson, RN, Coordinator of Discharge Planning and Utilization Review,
Mount Desert Island Hospital,
Bar Harbor, ME
In October 2000, Mount Desert Island Hospital implemented its swing bed program with funding from the Maine DHS's Rural Hospital Flexibility Program Grant. This panel discussion will illustrate that the Critical Access designation is most effective when it combines swing bed and care management programs, thus allowing hospitals to be fiscally responsible without
sacrificing the needs of the patients. The panel will explain the concept & advantages as well as the role & operation of Critical Access Hospitals (CAH), Swing Beds and Care Management; describe the effect of these programs on the workplace and illustrate how these programs produce optimum quality of care and life.

F. The Prevention and Intervention of HIV/AIDS in Rural Communities Melissa Bonsall, Director of Operations,
Generations Family Health Center, Inc., Willimantic, CT
Catherine Russell, Ed.D., Executive Director,
Eastern Area Health Education Center, Norwich,CT

Generations Family Health Center in Connecticut has taken combined data from an assessment of local HIV/AIDS services, conducted by Eastern Area Health Education Center, and created their own medical model unique to each region they serve. The presentation will include an analysis of findings based on consumer focus groups, medical and social service surveys and an evaluation of HIV/AIDS care models in rural communities. The service spectrum described will range from early prevention to primary medical intervention and will include partnerships developed to complement direct services provided by Generations.

G. Healthy Steps: A Community-
Based Chronic Disease Risk Reduction Outreach Model
Kim P. Horton, RN, MSN, Manager, Health Education Center, Blue Hill Memorial Hospital, Blue Hill, ME
Catherine Princell RN, MS, Certified Health/Fitness Instructor, Health Education Center,
Blue Hill Memorial Hospital,
Blue Hill, ME
Blue Hill Memorial Hospital has developed what they hope will become a national model of preventative and primary health care. The primary goals of this joint presentation are to explain the program's roots and why it is effective, discuss how to keep patient-focused in a high tech environment and how to generate administrative support and receive physician buy-in. Participants will learn about cardiovascular disease risks & prevalence; the "Franklin Scorekeeper System"; financial impact of healthcare delivery; identifying community health risks, assets and needs; identifying key action steps to program development; understanding the role of nurse/health educator in the primary care setting and identifying means and methods to generate support for your initiative.
H. Coming Together for Community Health Sam Kertile, Steering Committee Member,
East Quabbin Alliance Petersham, MA
Gail Murphy, RN, Steering Committee Member,
East Quabbin Alliance, Barre, MA
Joseph R. Stenger, MD, Staff Physician and Faculty,
Barre Family Health Center, Barre, MA
Martha Varnot, Steering Committee Member,
East Quabbin Alliance, Barre, MA
The East Quabbin Alliance is a community-wide coalition committed to nurturing the quality of life of all those living in the East Quabbin Region. This session will discuss some of the alliance's pitfalls and successes, encourage participants to consider their communities' issues and share ideas about reproducing this model in other locations. Panel presenters hope to show how one central Massachusetts community formed a Healthy Communities coalition, to discuss issues that their communities face and to consider how a Healthy Communities model could be applied in different communities.
5:00 - 7:00 pm Reception and Poster Sessions

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