Standing Committees


The Conference Committee is responsible for planning conferences held by the RoundTable, including the New England Rural Health Conference. The committee meets monthly and membership is open to all RoundTable members.


The Finance Committee includes the Treasurer of the Board of Directors.  The Finance Committee assist the Executive Director and Treasurer in developing an annual budget for adoption by the Board of Directors, reviewing expenditures according to budget and makes recommendations for adjustments and assists in the development of financial policies, serves as the audit committee, and develops appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors for long-term financing of the RoundTable.


The Nominating Committee is available to consult with states regarding the process for selection of members to the Board of Directors.  The Nominating Committee prepares the slate of Officers to be voted on at the first Board meeting held immediately preceding the annual meeting. The slate is presented to the Board members at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting date. Nominees must be current Board members or committee chairs or must have served previously as a board member or committee chair for a minimum of one year.


The Policy Committee is charged with the responsibility of proposing activities designed to increase the awareness of the needs of rural New England citizens and providers and reviewing policies, procedures, and legislation affected by these areas, making appropriate reports and recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Ad Hoc Committees


The Communications committee was formed to assist the Executive Director in adopting policies and procedures for internal and external communication and for spearheading major communications initiatives like the website redesign.


The Membership Committee assists the Executive Director in recruiting and retaining our members and other activities related to membership.